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Anne Bonny and Mary Read Statue Plans Shelved. Boo.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I was disappointed to read recently that plans to erect this beautiful statue of Anne Bonny and Mary Read on Burgh Island, South Devon have been shelved.

The stunning eight-foot sculpture, created by the very talented artist Amanda Cotton, was created to celebrate Anne and Mary as the trailblazing women they were, and depicts them as lovers overlooking the sea.

Apparently, Bigbury Parish Council objected to its piracy links and said: "councillors and local people have questioned, during the current times, the political correctness of erecting statues which commemorate pirates who were ruthless criminals and villains".

I'm sure there are plenty of other beauty spots around Great Britain and Ireland's coastline that would give our heroines a home and make them a permanent part of their landscape. No? Anyone? Come on, people!

If not, I've got the perfect spot for our girls in my garden.

Just saying...

Kate x

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